The impact of an auto accident often causes injuries that aren’t easily visible. This is the case with bulging discs. These are spinal discs that normally fit between each vertebra, but when they are overly compressed or otherwise injured, they can become stretched enough to bulge out or even leak fluid. A bulging disc is also known as a herniated disc or even a pinched nerve.

Is There a Difference Between These Terms?

The answer depends on the doctor or practice in question. Some use the terms interchangeably, while others are more precise. It’s a good idea to ask the treating doctor for specifics if there is any doubt about her meaning.

What Problems do Damaged Discs Tend to Cause?

Pain is the most common symptom of a damaged disc. It may be felt in the neck, shoulders, arms, legs, or a combination of these. The pain may also take the form of chronic headaches. In some cases, it worsens over time. Some people experience numbness along with or instead of the pain. Numbness can affect all of the aforementioned parts but is also known to affect the buttocks and hip area.

What Can an Independence Chiropractor Do to Help with Bulging Discs?

Our chiropractors in Independence, GA don’t do surgery, but they employ a number of other methods to help with bulging discs. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Spinal manipulation – This is a hands-on treatment that involves the doctor physically maneuvering the discs closer to their normal positions. It may take several treatments to attain the desired end-goal, but the patient will typically feel some relief after just a couple of visits. Further improvement comes with more treatments.
  2. Spinal decompression – This may be used as a standalone treatment, but it is often combined with spinal manipulation for faster and more complete results. In it, the patient lies on a special table that is tilted so the head points towards the ground. The angle is steep enough to ensure that gravity pulls from the head end, but it isn’t extreme enough to be considered a “headstand.” This helps to re-inflate the disc and can even promote the return of spinal fluid to the disc.
  3. Therapeutic massage – This is rarely done as a standalone treatment. Instead, it helps with the muscle spasms and binding that commonly accompanies painful damage to the body. It also works to improve circulation, and thusly, speed healing.

How is Treatment Started?

The first step is to get an evaluation by chiropractor Dr. Munira Patel here at Dunwoody Chiropractic Center in Independence, GA. This will typically include x-rays as well as a direct examination by our doctor. From this, the doctor will determine whether or not you have a bulging disc or other chiropractic problem. Then, appropriate options are presented and a course of action is planned out. Once this is done, treatments are then delivered on the chosen schedule.