When you come in to see your auto injury chiropractor in Atlanta and surrounding areas, you’ll get comprehensive care and attention to your individual needs. Every auto accident has the risk of doing damage not just to your skin and bones, but also to the alignment of your spinal column. Many men and women don’t realize that they are hurt until they begin experiencing chronic pain and limited mobility. At Dunwoody Chiropractic Center, our team works with you to improve your quality of life, reduce your pain, and help you to feel better.

How Common Are Spinal Injuries in Auto Accidents?

Simply, it is very common for individuals to suffer spinal injuries, both mild and severe, after an auto accident. Many times, bruises, cuts, and broken bones are evident after such an event. For these, you need to be seen by a medical doctor. Yet, in the days following the accident, you may begin to develop pain or limited movement in your joints, limbs, or hips. This is an indication that you may be suffering from an auto accident related injury. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

What Types of Injuries Are Most Common in Auto Accidents?

A number of injuries can occur after an auto accident. Some of them include:

  • Disc injuries, such as herniated discs, slipped discs, or ruptured discs, all of which can cause significant pain
  • Spinal cord injuries can occur when there is significant damage to the vertebrae
  • Compression fractures are common in older adults and are small cracks in the bones of the spine that often lead to limited movement, breathing problems, and pain
  • Whiplash is a common condition impacting the bones and muscles of the upper neck
  • Sciatica can also occur after an accident if the spinal column is misaligned

The misalignment of the spinal column can quite commonly lead to pain. It may be a shooting pain in some cases, such as in disc-related injuries. In other cases, the pain can become chronic or even feel like a dull ache.

What Treatment Options Are Available from Your Auto Accident Chiropractor

When you come in to see your auto accident chiropractor in our office, we’ll provide you with a thorough examination and full diagnostics to understand the cause of your pain. We’ll then recommend a comprehensive treatment plan for you. It may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to properly align the spinal column and reduce the pain and inflammation present
  • Massage therapy to soothe inflammation and speed healing to the area
  • Spinal decompression to help reduce the compaction of your spinal column

Other treatment options are available. If you have any type of pain or limited mobility, remember that most insurance companies cover chiropractic treatments. We offer a holistic, noninvasive treatment plan for your needs.

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