Here at Dunwoody Chiropractic Center, we offer non-invasive, medication-free treatments for whiplash that will reduce your symptoms and heal your injury.

Whiplash Causes and Symptoms

Most people get whiplash after an auto accident. When your car stops suddenly due to hitting another vehicle or object, your body keeps moving until it is stopped by the seat belt. Unfortunately, your head and neck are not retrained, and keep moving for a short distance until they reach the absolute end of their range of motion. Then, your head and neck are snapped backwards against the seat. The force of this motion sprains and strains your neck while simultaneously misaligning your cervical vertebrae. Here is a list of symptoms due to whiplash:

  • Headaches
  • Light and Sound Sensitivity
  • Neck Stiffness and Pain
  • Pain in the Upper Back

Diagnosing Neck Injuries after an Auto Accident

Our chiropractor, Dr. Munira Patel, will evaluate your neck and symptoms, during your initial consultation. You will be asked about the severity of your car accident and when the accident occurred. This information will be used to determine the extent of your whiplash injury and to develop the best possible treatment plan.

Car Accident Injury Treatment from our Dunwoody Chiropractor

Our Dunwoody chiropractor offers several different types of treatments to heal whiplash that was the result of a car accident. Common treatments include chiropractic care, massage therapy and lifestyle advice. These treatments are designed to reduce your symptoms while healing your injury and restoring the range of motion in your neck.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Your Auto Injury

When you have a whiplash injury, the vertebrae in your neck is misaligned. This impairs your neck’s range of motion, causes inflammation and can pinch nerves, resulting in pain and headaches. Chiropractic adjustments after your auto injury help realign your vertebrae in order to maximize their range of motion and unpinch nerves. Adjustments also help increase localized circulation and lower inflammation in the soft tissues surrounding the joint.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps relax sore, tight muscles and ligaments while promoting circulation and increasing feelings of well-being. When you receive a massage before your chiropractic adjustment, it can make the adjustment last longer, giving your body more time to heal between appointments. Getting a massage can also make your adjustment more comfortable because our chiropractor does not have to use as much force when realigning your cervical vertebrae.

Lifestyle Advice

Our lifestyle advice is designed to help you prevent injury to your neck while it is healing and to help facilitate wellness throughout your entire body. While you are receiving treatment for your neck injury, we may recommend ice and heat therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation. Our chiropractor may also recommend light exercises to help reduce neck stiffness.

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