Dunwoody Chiropractic Care: Pain-Free Living

Chiropractor Dr. Munira Patel and our entire team here at Dunwoody Chiropractic Center believe in your body’s innate ability to heal itself. For people suffering from back pain, neck pain, whiplash, auto accident injuries, sports injuries, or other forms of chronic pain, this may seem like a bold idea. But it is true! Every day, we help our patients move away from pain and toward complete wellness through our highly-skilled, whole-person care. Our drug-free approach to natural health works by removing the barriers preventing your body from functioning at its full capacity, while inspiring you to achieve your greatest health and wellness goals.

Dunwoody Chiropractor Stresses Wellness Care

Our Dunwoody chiropractor, Dr. Patel provides wellness carethat helps people overcome chronic pain, or pain from many different kinds of injuries. But our chiropractic care goes well beyond pain relief. Our goal is to help you become healthy and pain free from the inside out through skilled spinal care. The reason the spine is so important is that it houses your central nervous system, which controls every organ and function in the body via messages sent to and from the brain through the nerves. When the spine is properly aligned, the nervous system can convey these messages smoothly.

If the spine is out of alignment, however, many things can go wrong. Misalignments in the vertebrae (what our chiropractorcalls “subluxations”), can happen gradually over years, or they can happen quite suddenly. Poor posture, odd sleep positions and slouching at your desk can gradually pull the spine out of its natural curve. Auto accident injuries, trips and falls, sports injuries and other kinds of injuries can suddenly bump vertebrae out of line. Either way, misaligned vertebrae can pinch nerves, interrupting critical messages between the brain and other parts of the body. This can lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, and many other painful conditions.

Dr. Patel helps patients return to health by helping them get their spines back into correct alignment. After giving a patient a full and thorough exam to determine the exact root of the pain, Dr. Patel uses a series of precise, gentle spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae and release pinched nerves. This often leads to dramatic pain relief. It may take several visits, as well as other complementary therapies such as massage therapy and corrective exercises to completely realign the spine, but the end results are long-lasting relief and better health overall.

Chiropractic care with Dr. Patel is about treating the whole patient and preventing future pain as well. So in addition to spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercises and massage therapy, we help our patients with lifestyle advice designed to help them find healthier, more ergonomic ways to live, as well as nutritional advice to help their bodies heal from the inside out!

If you are ready to leave your pain behind and get on the road to true health, call us today at (770) 551-9767 to make an appointment!