Developing neck pain impacts your lifestyle and situation. The pain limits your ability to enjoy your work, life and normal activities. The challenge is identifying the right way to address the problem without taking unnecessary risks with your health. When you want to address neck pain without harsh side effects or complications, a Dunwoody chiropractor at the Dunwoody Chiropractic Center offers adjustments and treatments for your goals.

Causes of Neck Pain

The reasons you experience neck pain depend on your situation. It may stem from an injury during an auto accident, such as whiplash or a strained muscle, or it may occur during your normal activities. Generally, it occurs when your neck faces undue stress from different factors in your life.

Your neck plays an essential role in the function of your body. It holds up and supports the weight of your head and skull, which generally ranges from 10 to 15 pounds of weight. When you experience pain from an injury, you want to address the discomfort and the cause of your pain to alleviate stress on the muscles and improve the function of your neck and spine.

Neck Pain Treatment at Our Clinic

At the Dunwoody Chiropractic Center, we offer different neck pain treatment solutions based on your situation and the injuries you experience. Our team uses up-to-date diagnostic tools to determine the cause of your pain. We take an x-ray and use chiropractic diagnostic tools to find the problem and provide appropriate treatments.

In many cases, we use an Activator to reduce pressure at specific points on your neck. An Activator is a chiropractic tools to use gentle pressure on specific points to alleviate your pain based on your situation.

When the Activator is not appropriate for your needs, we may use a computerized system called Impulse IQ for neck and spinal adjustments. The computerized system uses pressure and gentle manipulations to improve the function of your neck and spine while adjusting the alignment for lower rates of pain or discomfort.

When to Consider Treatment

Neck pain treatment from a Dunwoody chiropractor offers a solution for your goals and situation. At our clinic, we recommend early treatment when you notice pain in your neck or back. The early treatment reduces the risk of increasing the rate of your discomfort by healing the underlying cause of your pain.

Do not wait if you notice pain after an auto accident, sports injury or work-related injury. Whiplash or other neck injuries may worsen without appropriate treatment and immediate care. Start treatment as soon as you notice pain or when you have any concerns related to an accident.

Neck pain stems from multiple factors and you want to treat the underlying causes of your discomfort as quickly as possible to avoid harming your neck or back. By starting a treatment plan early, you reduce the risks and improve your ability to keep up with your normal activities. To learn more, contact us today.