Dr. Patel provides recovery treatments to reduce your feelings of numbness and tingling. Dr. Patel also uncovers the source of the issue and works with you to eliminate the cause so you do not have to fear the return of the numbness feeling. If you are experiencing symptoms similar to an arm or leg “falling asleep”, a nerve may be compressed in your spine or in a nearby joint. The use of chiropractic care aims to reduce the pressure on the nerve so nerve signals and circulation flow freely. When your body is operating with better alignment, you do not have the numbness and tingling and are able to return to performing your daily tasks. Our holistic care options extend into improving your overall wellness to eliminate physical and environmental reasons for the nerve compression. Let our Dunwoody Chiropractic Center show you the benefits of our alternative health care.

Restore Nerve Flow with Our Dunwoody Chiropractor

Dunwoody Chiropractic Center welcomes residents of DeKalb County, Georgia to visit our wellness center to improve nerve-impairment conditions. If you are dealing with numbness or tingling in your arms and legs, it may signal:

  • An Out Of Place Vertebrae– the vertebrae in your spine may shift out of alignment due to overuse, poor posture, a genetic condition or an injury. When this occurs, the vertebrae may compress the nerve that exits the spine. This nerve sends signals to your arms or legs, depending on the location, and if it is compressed, the signal weakens or disappears. You experience this as numbness or a tingling sensation. An out of place vertebrae may also reduce the flow of circulation which prevents oxygen from reaching your muscles and can also results in the uncomfortable feelings.
  • A Herniated Disc– the discs are located between the vertebrae to provide a cushion for easy movements. If the disc is damaged and leaks out of its contained space, the nerve signals are interrupted.
  • Spinal Swelling– Dr. Patel will examine your spine to determine if you are dealing with any spinal swelling or inflammation that may be compromising nerve flow.
  • Other Conditions– Dr. Patel will also help you rule out other conditions such as MS that also have numbness and tingling sensations.

Once we have determined why your nerves are misfiring, we are able to develop a treatment plan. This takes the pressure off the nerves and often eliminates your symptoms. With consistent treatment, your body learns to stay in a healthier alignment. Adjustments also encourage herniated discs to reabsorb and reduce nerve interference. Our holistic approach extends into your lifestyle and we show you exercises to support healthy nerve and blood flow. We also encourage posture as a way to prevent future concerns and improve your overall health.

To learn more about out treatment options for reducing numbness and tingling, please call us today at 770-551-9767.