The running and quickly turns of sports often cause injury to the athletes who perform them. For some, a sports injury happens quickly after making a dramatic move, but for many others, symptoms like knee pain only appear after a long period of time. Either way, the player will then want effective relief and the prevention of further damage.

What Types of Knee Damage do Athletes Often Experience?

Players who end up laying on the field holding a knee typically have damaged their tendons or ligaments. The momentum of running, combined with a sharp turn, puts too much torque on the knee and its supporting sinews, and the weakest ones give way. Such injuries are quite dramatic, so they get plenty of attention. If the player is a professional, viewers can expect many close-up shots of him or her on the ground grimacing.

Other causes of injury aren’t as visible. Instead of happening right away, these injuries result from months or years of playing a sport. Minor damages add up over time and result in wear to the cartilage of the knee, small tears in the ligaments, wear to the bones, and other such problems. This can happen in any sport – even golf. In some ways, these injuries are worse because the player doesn’t realize the extent of the problem until after plenty of damage is done. This prevents the early correction of form.

How a Chiropractor in Independence, GA Can Help Reduce Sports Injury Knee Pain

When someone suffers an injury of any sort, the body tries to compensate to reduce pain and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, these attempts often result in involuntary changes to the gait, knee alignment, and other issues that end up prolonging pain instead of relieving it. Everything is “thrown out of whack” and outside intervention is required to bring the parts back to how they should be. A chiropractor in Independence GA will work to bring about the proper joint alignment.

The chiropractor’s main focus is typical to get all of the injured parts, along with the surrounding tissues, working together as a balanced unit. In limb injuries, this typically starts with the manipulation of the affected bones. This will be done over several sessions so that the process isn’t painful.

Typically, the bones of the knee are targeted with the intent to move them into a healthy position so that healing is promoted and further damage is prevented. Since the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the area will normally be tense from the body’s automatic attempts to immobilize the damaged knee, therapeutic massage may be added to loosen them up. This type of massage allows for easier re-alignment, improves circulation, and temporarily reduces pain.

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